Space Age Playboys UK Tour 2024
Blabbermouth Lars Ulrich has been listending to Warrior Soul

"WARRIOR SOUL, ... have made just some incredible records. WARRIOR SOUL is underappreciated. So mostly — I mean, the record that I go back to, but a lot of their early stuff is all great, but there's an intensity and a vibe around 'The Space Age Playboys' album... songs like 'Rocket Engines', 'Let's Get Wasted', 'The Pretty Faces', 'Rotten Soul', 'Fightin' The War', 'The Drug' — all these songs are incredible. There's a sound and a vibe on that record that still perseveres close to 30 years later, and there's an energy in that record and right in that zone between hard rock, heavy metal, but a lot of punk attitude and a lot of kind of not giving a shit and the two-finger salute and really kind of rebellious contrarian energy that that record in particular sounds as fresh today as it did a couple, three decades ago when it came out." - LARS ULRICH - Metallica

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